Mori Lee Julietta 2013 Beautiful and Chic (And only for Curvy Girls!)


After 33 years in the bridal business London Bride knows how frustrating it can be when you go to a bridal shop and all the dresses are made for tiny mice people. Not being able to get a dress on can be upsetting and disheartening and with one sample per shop can make choosing a dress difficult, Well, we wouldnt do that to you! At London Bride we stock ALL sizes from a 6UK-32UK in all shapes, styles and at a wide range of prices.

Although we stock all our designer’s dresses in many sizes we have learnt how useful it can be to stock a range which is soley and discrimminatly focussed on curvy girls in plus sizes from a size 18UK upwards. Internationally renowned bridal designer Madaline gardener has been creating gorgeous ranges of gowns for bridal powerhouse Mori Lee for decades and London Bride are excited to introduce her Julietta Range; a collection totally dedicated to making curvy girls look and feel their most fabulous on their wedding day!

Julietta gowns are specifically designed to support, enhance and compliment a curvier figure without ever compromising on beauty, style, shape or elegance. This years collection has made as all rather excited and we are so happy to be able to offer our brides, whatever their size, a large and carefully chosen choice of gown.

Want to see for yourself? I dont blame you…

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For more infomation or to book an appointment with us to try these gowns on please call London Bride UK on 02077036796