Time to Name and Shame!


We have noticed a huge increase in brides coming to see us with horror stories after purchasing wedding gowns online from unlicensed websites. We know in the current economic climate its very tempting to be lured in my dresses at such reduced priced but this often results in a dress arriving which is of much lesser quality or in many cases a dress which is no way resembles the dress which was ordered. We have many brides each week which have ended up needing to buy a entirely new dress from us a few days before the wedding  causing great heartache, stress and of course a greater cost. As these web-sites are illegal there is no way for a bride to get any sort of compensation or refund. Along with Mori Lee we agree it is time these Websites need to be named and shamed, so below is a list of many which have mislead brides or sold counterfeit gowns. If you have had your own experience like this from a website not mentioned please contact us on our Facebook or twitter and we will add them to our List!

Thanks London Bride

www.1stdresses.com www.21bridal.com
www.7bridal.com www.Helenebridal.com
www.alibaba.com www.aliexpress.com
www.aphrobridal.com www.beautifulbridaldress.com
www.beautifulpromgowndress.com www.beautifulweddinggowndress.com
www.blessbride.com www.bonnybridaldresses.com
www.bosgoo.com www.boutiqueful.com
www.boxweddingdress.com www.bridalblvd.com
www.bridalblvd.com www.bridaldreamdress.com
www.bridaldresses2010.com www.bridalgownsonsale.com
www.bridalsbay.com www.buyer100.com
www.buyweddingdressesonline.com www.buyweddingdressesonline.com
www.charliesbridal.com www.charliesprom.com
www.cheap-dresses.biz www.cheap-wedding-gowns.com
www.chinaebay.com www.chinapromdress.com
www.chinawholesalereviews.com www.cinderellaswedding.com
www.crazypurchase.com www.daphnebridal.com
www.dhgate.com www.dress-queen.com
www.dressale.com www.dressbridalshop.com
www.dressgate.com www.dressilyme.com
www.dressitnow.com www.dresstimes.com
www.dressupforever.com www.eastbridal.com
www.ecbridal.com www.edresst.com
www.endenbridal.com www.eveningdress100.com
www.eveningdressessale.com www.evescharm.com
www.eweddingdressshops.com www.fancypromdress.com
www.fashiongirlshop.com www.fashioninthebox.com
www.fashionlade.com www.goodgoodschina.com
www.goodweddingdresses.com www.goodweddingdresses.com
www.hibridal.com www.idaphnebridal.com
www.idealweddingdresses.com www.jjshouse.com
www.judybridalshop.com www.jurkopmaat.nl
www.kimlybridal.com/ www.kissbrides.com
www.kisspromdress.com www.lightinthebox.com
www.love-dresses.com www.lovelypromdress.com
www.marriagebridalgown.com www.micweddingdresses.com
www.milanoo.com www.moonbasabridal.com
www.mydressmall.com www.myidress.com
www.nissenbridal.com www.okaydress.com
www.outerinner.com www.peridress.com
www.prettyquinceanera.com www.promhut.com
www.seasonmall.com www.shopsimple.com
www.shopsimple.com www.tbdress.com
www.tofuchina.com www.topromdresses.com
www.udreamybridal.com www.vipweddingdresses.com
www.viviennebridal.com www.weddingdressesinlove.com
www.weddingdressesmart.com www.weddingdressonlineshop.com
www.weddinggowns-wholesale.com www.weddinggowns-wholesale.com